If you took 180 loaves of white bread and stacked them piece by piece on top of each other, you would build a tower just about equal to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You would also have the minimum amount of bread that passes through each Proctor Silex® toaster before it is deemed worthy of production. That may seem like a lot of bread, but when you’re building on a history of commitment to quality and earning the trust of toast lovers around the world, every slice is worth it.

Tested. Proven.® These may seem like two simple words, but they are words we take to heart. It is our promise to you. For generations our products have graced countertops across the country, and every day we work to earn the opportunity to stay there. From creation to production, our goal is to bring you reliable products at reasonable prices.


There is an energy that inhabits the halls leading to the test labs. They are alive with the constant hum of motors rotating, switches turning, and the soft sound of boiling water. Dishwashers run, irons release steam, and toasters pop. All day, every day, products are tested until they meet our exacting standards. This testing falls into three categories: agency testing, life testing, and real life testing. It takes several test labs, hundreds of outlets, and a lot of mechanical arms to make this happen. All components, features and products are tested and perfected. Only after all specifications are met is a product released for pilot production. But it’s still not ready for your home yet.

In addition to the durability and performance tests done by the engineering department, an in-house test kitchen was created as part of the real life testing. A dedicated team of home economists use the products much like you would at home. They cook with them. They create with them. They press wrinkles out of shirts and napkins with them. If the product says it can grind spices, then you can bet the team has spent hours grinding everything from chilies to peppercorns.

They also make meals; lots of them. The best way to see if a product works is to use it like the consumer, explained Consumer Test Kitchen Manager Patricia A. Schweitzer. So each week they spend hundreds of dollars on groceries so they can make the same types of meals you would at home. Once a recipe is created, it is prepared to see if the product performs as is promised. “We repeat tests several times to make sure we’re getting consistent results.”

Our associates take the “Tested. Proven.”® promise seriously. If a product has several different functions, each function is thoroughly tested. For example, if a blender is made to be perfect for smoothies, milkshakes or crushing ice, than you can feel confident our team has tested each of these using the blender. If an iron says it can produce powerful steam boost or turn off automatically, you can be sure we have spent many hours at the ironing board making sure it can deliver.


Only when an appliance meets our exacting standards is it ready for the final proving ground – your home. This is where a new journey begins. We hope our products weave their way into your life, making it a little easier and more pleasurable. From the hot, cup of coffee or freshly blended smoothie you start your day with, to the slow cooked pot roast with its aroma that welcomes you after a busy day, let Proctor Silex® help you create life simply.